Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Hurts so Good

It was a track Tuesday and again, nothing blew up, tore or siezed. Yesterday's workout was 4 x 600m & 300M. I even went hog wild on the last 300 and did it in 1:14, which isn't bad for little old ultrarunning, pulled hamstring me. I've figured that that works out to a 6:53 mile. Which means there's hope.

When I got home I pulled out the foam roller again. I'm using it several times a day, whenever I feel my glutes, lower back, ITB, and/or hamstring tighten up. There were some brutal spots I found on my glutes that made me swear like a sailor and almost cry. This morning I work up feeling the least creaky and stiff than I've felt in months! I highly recommend this form of torture. You won't be smiling like the chic in this picture though while you're doing it.

I wrote a check for my part of the Reno-Tahoe Relay and now I'll sign up for a room with some of the gals on the team. Our team is called The Venetian Skunks. I'll let you wonder about that for while before I 'xplain.

So it's official - I get to escape from the rugrats for a weekend. That weekend will involve running at all hours of the night and being carted around by a van. I'll do anything to get away for awhile.

Today's Obligatory Workout Report - Easy run of about 3 miles or so. Crossfit type weight workout. And stretching and foam roller stuff.