Saturday, January 26, 2008

Feelin' Frisky

Today I only had about 45 minutes to run because hubby had to go into work. So I did a favorite long worn route of mine. The last ten mintues or so had me feeling very smooth, with a long stride and a ton of energy. I'll take this as a sign that I need to go longer on a regular basis. It seems that I'm only warmed up about 1/2 hour into my runs and then after that point I start to feel really good.
For that first sluggish 1/2 hour of my run I walked a couple of times. Honestly, I really didn't need to. I've gotta cut out the walking from my routine. Most of the time runners are told to put more walking into their training to give them some needed rest, but really in my case it's getting ridiculous. I'm just being lazy at this point. When I started back to running in earnest I really did need to walk a bit here and there - but that time is over now. Or it better be anyway.
Next run I will NOT allow myself to walk any part of it. No matter how painful it is. I know that when I push through that hill it feels so much better on the top and on the downside when I've run the whole way up. I have to work throught that lung burn and get to the other side. Only then will I perform as I hope to in races. Maybe I'll loose those few extra pounds too!


T Clarke said...

Good for you! No walking... at least until you get to the 50K distance and then you're allowed :)