Friday, January 25, 2008

Good Running, Bad Weather

My running has felt good...when I can get out for it. We've been having some big storms around here lately. I don't go out and run in high winds. A few years back I was running in a storm when a very large branch from a tall wind whipped tree came crashing down right behind me. I decided that a day off of running is better than being flattened.

Last night I didn't even lay out my running clothes in anticipation of the nightmare storm that was coming. In hindsight I could've gotten out before the party started, but well, so what. I got my kids ready in time for daycare instead.

Work has been, well blah. If anyone wants a dependable, fun, creative, great copywriter please leave me a message. It's time to move on from my post here at the BIG BOX. I really want to be promoted...just not here. That's a problem, and that's why I know that it's time to go.

Well, tomorrow morning I'll sneak in a morning run. Come Hell or high water. It's the one thing I can count on to make me feel good.


T Clarke said...

Pacifica was a lot of fun. It was good to see you there, if briefly. I'll be at Woodside as well. It is one of my favorite courses.

See you next week!