Monday, January 14, 2008

New Shooz

So I've been using minimalist shoes for quite a while now, but now that I'm ramping up the mileage and intensity I thought I'd treat myself to something cushier. I had been happily running in the Asics Gel-Landreth and thought that maybe the Nimbus would be the ticket for my necessary road miles. (Not trail shoes - I have some still good trail shoes by New Balance and Nike).

So I went down to Ye Olde Running Shoestore and tried on a bunch. The Nimbus were heavenly. But I made the awful and fatal mistake of trying on the top top top of the line Asics "just for kicks." The Kinsei felt out of this world and made the Nimbus feel like cardboard. I was ruined. So I ended up getting Kinseis as an early b-day present from the hubby. He did have a store credit there so the bill ended up not being as bad as it could have been.

Am I ruined now? Will I have to get such gloriously cushy shoes forever now. Ugh.