Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Karl the Great

I haven't run in a few days. First because of a cold, but then because of the loss of my beautiful buddy, Karl the cat. He was a majestic beast in his heyday, a great mouser and a real character. Big fluffy and gray, his hair was probably another element entirely - so we named it "foo". Karl foo got everywhere and clung to everything. He could be a total grouch and blame you for everything from the weather to the behavior of the other cats in the house. He loved catnip, raw meat of any kind and deep ear rubs. He hated rain, getting his belly tickled and being forced to stay indoors. He would bite and growl. He would also purr and cuddle. Karl was about 20 years old and will be missed by the entire neighborhood that he ruled for years. His mortal remains are at rest under our big orange tree, but I prefer to believe that his spirit is still hanging out on the deck in the sunshine, and following me around in the house.


david santos said...

Hi Coiotegirl!
Have a lovely, happy, healthy and successful 2008!