Thursday, January 31, 2008

Feelin' Not So Frisky

So I blog about feeling great and what happens? I get the flu. Compliments of the two-year-old. Yesterday was the barfy day, which the little one joined me in. I don't recommend it as a bonding excercise. I'm still cleaning up the aftermath.

So today I've shipped her off to daycare and called in sick again. In the past two days I've eaten four crackers, drank a lot of water and a little grape juice. I'm headachy and lightheaded right now, but at least I think that the barfyness is overwith. I've been thinking about how I should eat something, but nothing sounds good yet. I want to run. But I know that would be stupid. Maybe I'll be able to go on a little trot later today, after I eat something.

I STILL want to do my 17k this Saturday. I'm still planning on it.