Monday, March 30, 2009

On the Trails

So after a looong time away I finally made it back on the trails. And so did everyone else apparently. When I got to Wunderlich I immediately started kicking myself for being so lazy and getting up late on a Sunday. The lot was packed. The Trail Gods did smile on me though and a kindly Prius left soon after I arrived.

Since the trail was crawling with humans it was pretty unlikely that I'd see any rare wildlife. The critter sightings were largely restricted to sparrows and a few Stellar's jays. But it was kind of nice to see other people out enjoying nature. Especially since trails tend to be asshole filters - you meet mostly nice people out there.

Subspecies of humans sighted -

Oldmanus Backpackus -

Usually seen toting a backpack and/or walking poles. Wears floppy fishing hat or old trucker cap. Always similing. Clearly enjoying retirement by getting out on the trails frequently. Often hikes over 10 miles a day. Nine times out of ten asks me if I'm coming back from or heading up to Skyline (top of the park).

Lovebirds -

Couples clearly on their first date. Totally interested in each other. Often wearing inappropriate footwear, like pointy heals. Clearly didn't plan on coming up here. They don't notice me or the mud on their shoes.

Other Couples -

Anywhere from youthful to middle aged. Guy walking in front. He says a happy hello to me. Woman glares at me like she thinks I'm out for her man. Really lady, I have my own at home and he's way hotter than yours. I'm really, just running. I saw at least three groups of these on Sunday, and it's always the same thing - first the hello and then the glare. Facinating.

Packs of Twenty-Somethings -

Often wearing unneccessary high-tech alpine gear. Large heavy hiking boots, poles and daypacks. The group is usually exchanging nervous glances with each other since they've realized too late that they are way over prepared and schlepping pounds more gear than they need. The guys give me the same look that men gave me when they walked their wives miniature poodles and I was running with my doberman. Utter embarrassment. But they are still happy and having fun and that's what counts.

Two Ladies Together -

All ages. Chatting happily. Don't even notice that I was there at all. Which makes me worried about them. What if I were a cougar?

Headphonus Oblivious -

Lone hiker with headphones. Freaks out when you come up on them. Either seems miffed or is embarrased. Why do you wear those out here? Don't you want to hear nature...or the approaching puma?

Anyway, it was a successful run. Only about 7 miles but good nonetheless. It's a pretty rugged up and down so I didn't want to overdo it the first time out and so soon after the hamstring/IT band fiasco. Nothing was injured and I felt good. Next time all the way to the top and back!


Marcy said...

Headphones?!? Seriously?! That just screams wild animal attack in the making or serial killer gonna get you to me LOL