Tuesday, July 22, 2008

1-1/2 Hours of Contemplation

I did 1-1/2 hours at Wunderlich. Just did a loop to the Crossroads and back down again. Kind of lazy of me, I wish I had gone to the top, but I was having odd tummy rumbles that indicated I needed a bathroom break so I headed back down Alambique trail to the porta potty. No more Alambique to the trail head for me. It's an annoying, steep root-rutted decent that doesn't make for fast times or smooth running. I don't really need the obstacle course training, I need to get some smoother trail speed in there. From now on I'm taking the Oak trail to Salamander Flat on the way down. Way more interesting.

I wasted much time contemplating my previous employment experience on the way up to The Meadows on Bear Creek Trail. I thought of all the coulda, shoulda, wouldas...which is really dumb because I pretty much knew from minute one that the whole job was trainwreck waiting to happen. So why ponder? I realized sometime after Redwood Flat that I was just hiking; trudging uphill muttering to myself. And making ridiculously slow time. What a waste of energy - not the excercise but the mental energy of mulling over this past failure. When I got to the meadow I was greated by a beautiful scene, the coastal fog spilling over the hills and into the valley below. That's why I'm here. And this is now. Enough of what was then. It's a new day.

Today will be an easy 3 miler in town. And maybe a moderate run tomorrow morning before I go on a fieldtrip at the kids' preschool. Then I'll go to the top of the ridge on Thursday. For sure. Into the fog and beyond!