Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Need to Keep Positive

I was looking at listings for job openings for personal trainer on the web. They all look so exciting and so much fun. I'm both excited and scared. Scared because everything I see requires at least a year of experience. How am I going to get the experience...if I can't get hired w/o experience?

I realize I'm jumping the gun here and that opportunities will present themselves when I'm ready for them. I think about when I was starting out as a writer and it was so hard to find work if you didn't have experience...but as soon as I was "in" I was totally in and could easily find work. And I would reach out and help others that wanted in. There has to be employers out there who are the same...those that want to reach out and pull new, great trainers into the profession.

I know that thinking positively is the key and that I have to keep my attention on the main goal. Everyone is new at what they do at some time in their lives!

Saturday I ran on my secret trails and into Mills Canyon. It was marvelously quiet; I surprised many gray squirrels and even a cottontail resting in the middle of the trail. I found another trail head in and out of the park...not a very useful one for me, but one that may come in handy when I find the elusive lower entrance/exit that will help me avoid the creek scramble.

Sunday I did a 40 minute run around Hillsborough and then some tough ab work. Today (Monday) I'm feelin' a bit tired but I'm going to get out there anyway this afternoon. I'll have to take off Friday or do something mellow that day because daycare/preschool will be closed so I'll have the munchkins.