Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cleaning Out the Mind-House

So many of our problems are really all in our heads. My over-arching problem in my head that is spilling out everywhere else is my father. Maybe you can understand if you have overbearing parents, but my dad drives me crazy. He's one of those people who ALWAYS has to be right, must give his opinion at all times (believing he is always right). And again he is trying to control me.

Last night he calls me up and asks me how many credits I have outstanding at Cal State in my MS degree in Kinesiology and if I can add that to a med degree....He's trying to force me to go back to school to be a doctor. He is completely OBSESSED with school. He thinks that degrees are the answers to EVERYTHING in life. For example, he is completely convinced that if you have a law degree you can do ANYTHING in life; like doors will automatically open for you and that everyone will just lay down for you and you can do no wrong. He drives me nuts because there is no talking to him at all - he just bullies himself forward.

I know he's lost friends over this behavior. He drives my mom crazy. He had been good about things for a long time but now that I've left my job he's all obsessed again. Does anyone have any advice? Any magic bullet that will shut him up? I'm trying to keep my distance and the plan is that the next time he bugs me about it I'll kindly ask him to please, just, stop. That my career and my work choices are no longer up for discussion.

We live close by to my parents, which I think is part of the problem. I keep nudging my husband to look for a new job SOMEWHERE ELSE. The years that I spent away from here on my own were heavenly. Having some distance from them was great, and I'd really like that again. I feel bad about wanting to be away from them because of the kids - I know that they love seeing them, but the overbearing attitude and being all up in my business is getting out of hand.

Run Report -

On a happier note...I ran for about 40 minutes up at Wunderlich yesterday. I'm about to go back and run some more as soon as I'm done with this post. I ran out of time and had to turn back on the trail so I'm getting up there earlier today. It was kinda creepy out there yesterday...no one else was there when I was out there in the middle of the afternoon. And parts of the trail have gotten brushy and overgrown. All I could think about were mountain lions. So I ran with my knife unsheathed like a crazy woman. Today I'll be more sane.