Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday is the New Saturday

It's Monday after a long weekend for the kids with their daycare closed on Friday. I miss them...but I have to remind myself that this gives me time to run, fix up the house and study. In a few minutes I'll be out of the door and headed for a trail run somewhere...most likely my lovely Wunderlich.

Saturday I did a great 5 mile loop with massive climbing here in my neighborhood. I took my secret trails to the top of our ridgeline and ran along Skyline Blvd. for a ways before dropping back down again. I went early in the morning, and it was beautiful - warm and sunny. Right now we have lots of fog and overcast, it's supposed to be this way for the rest of the week...yuck!

Sunday I kept things flat and easier but i ran harder. I'll have to measure the loop I ran, I'm not sure how long it was.

I've found a cool new running website here. It's a great way to map your run!