Friday, July 18, 2008

Kiddie Day

The kiddos' daycare is closed today for a teacher inservice day. Very unlikely cause, I'm sure that no one is at the school and they are all just taking a day off. So it's park and play time...all day today. I'll get relieved for my run in the afternoon when Daddy gets back from his Friday work duties that include driving to all of the stores that he manages - it's tough, but he does get home a little earlier.

Then after my run I'll go volunteer as I do every Friday for the cat shelter that I volunteer at - The
Homeless Cat Network.

I should really start training early in the morning again. The problem with being jobless is that the workouts slide to the middle of the day, because you have time to do that. But then it becomes a problem when you have other things to do too. I'll see if I can kick myself out of bed early tomorrow to get my run in. It should be an interesting experiment. I give myself a 30% chance of actually following through on it.