Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Feelin' Frickin' Productive

I went to the track last night. It was cold as a witches t*t. That's one of my 78 year old dad's favorite sayings, and one of the only ones I could use without extensive editing. It was about 55 degrees, which I KNOW isn't THAT cold. (I did live in Minneapolis for 3.5 years). But around here it's the freakin' wind, people. It's wet from the ocean/bay, icy and it cuts right through your clothes. I swear I'm colder here than I ever was in the Midwest.

So I wasn't THAT slow considering my time off of intervals. I managed to eek below the 8 min mile barrier. Intervals were 1200's and 600's. Some ugly distances, I think. But I persevered and finished all of them, even running my last 600 the fastest. Not due to any awesome fitness but because I held back on all the others somewhat. I had my left hamstring and IT band taped from my ART session earlier in the day, so I looked the part of the walking wounded. I felt that hey, this chick's bandaged so you can't make fun of her slowness, at least she's out here. My pride gets outta whack on the track, I keep living in my faster days.

So I've decided. I'm going to sign up for the Pacifica 50k. It's far enough out for me to get back in ultra shape for it and it's far enough away from the relay so that I don't mess that up for everyone. This weekend - I'll hit the trails for some nice distance running.

So not only have I decided on a race today, but I turned in an article already this morning. I can now go out for a run with a clear conscience, since I'm ahead of the game on my assignments. And it's sunny and not windy for a change. It's of course a baby jogger morning with the youngest one. Right now she's looking for rolly polly bugs in the yard...her new obsession.


Ace said...

Wow that 50k race looks awesome! I feel follow your progress. :)