Wednesday, March 18, 2009

You Paid Someone for That!?!

That's what Irish Frank said to me yesterday at the track when he took a gander at my bruised leg and saw the aftermath of the Graston treatment on my IT band. It looks like someone laid a two-by-four across my thigh. But I know in a day or two the results will be evident in a much looser IT. And yes, yes, yes, I'm continuing the yoga and adding the foam roller into the routine, religiously. It'll be the only way to keep my running "career" on track.

My chitlins had their performance dance class yesterday. I'm so proud that they weren't the worst behaved kids in the class. I was really thinking that we were going to be that family but surprisingly the honors went to two other little girls. One blond chubby girl who pouted and stomped off when she found out she didn't have a wand to twirl with. The other was a spunky little Asian girl who upon starting the dance routine eyeballed her brother, stomped off the stage to beat up on him in the audience.
I was so glad it wasn't my kids, for a change.

It's supposed to be a nice sunny day today. Here's an early spring picture from Maya's school yard where the bees are buzzing and the flowers are blooming.


Marcy said...

Ohhhh but isn't it such a proud moment when your kids aren't THOSE kids! HAHA! I'm always so proud as well ;-)