Monday, March 09, 2009

Sunday Musings

Sunday's run was good. A little under an hour long and on a nice loop that I improvised as I went. I planned on running all the way up through the canyon but opted instead for just the lower part through the Mercy grounds. I was pretty sure that up by the creek crossing it would be very muddy and slippery. It requires a bit of climbing to get down to the creek and up the other side. Later this week it should be more passable.

I can definitely feel the time off in my lungs on the hills. Wowie! I was huffin' and puffin' like a chain smoker.

On the last few blocks home I let my stride open up. I held back in the beginning to guard my hamstring. But I felt like my stride was unnaturally clipped. And it was. It felt so much better to speed it up a bit. Even better that my hammie wasn't annoyed by it.

The spouse and I spent the weekend mostly continuing the cleaning out of excess stuff. I brought a trunk load to the Goodwill and felt ten pounds lighter for being free of it. This cleaning out seems to be the running theme for a lot of folks these days. The Zeitgeist for the season. It was good, but I'd like to go back to having weekends set aside as time to enjoy with each other and the kids. The kids didn't seem to mind as they rode their bikes and played in the yard on both days. It was a productive weekend, not full of fun and games, but we accomplished some things that we needed to do.

We did Netflix Into the Wild. Very good movie. The main character reminded me of Treadwell, the grisly guy who ended up being eaten by a rogue bear. Both of these young men thought that they were leaving civilization to live a more natural life. The irony is that living by yourself in the wilderness is not a natural life for a human. We are social animals. It seems that before his tragic death Christopher from Into the Wild came to the realization that human interaction was needed for a meaningful, happy life. It's unfortunate that he didn't make it back alive.

Next movie? Juno. Yeah, I didn't see a lot of movies in the past few years.


Marcy said...

We're doing the Goodwill thing as well. Little by little every weekend. It's crazy how much junk we have :-/

Stuart said...

I'd take a pass on Juno...seriously dull!