Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It's been so odd.

But since I'd knocked down the mileage I've lost about 10 lbs and it still feels like I'm loosing more.

It's all good. I think it may have to do with less stress, short intense workouts instead of long slow distance ones. And the weights. Maybe the short instense stuff is just better suited to me?

I'm still running in my vibrams. Minimalist runs are required by my bod now - my hip absolutely HATES it when I run in shoes. It tightens up right away. So I'm stuck barefoot now. I don't believe it either at times and I've wanted to "give myself a break with some cushy trainers" only to find that I get the opposite effect from my trainers and get all messed up. I'll just go with what works from now on and stay barefoot/vff.

The doggie is settling in. We're still working on the puppy nibbles - but it seems to be getting better. She's in love with my husband and completely melts into a submissive puddle if he yells at her. She doesn't take me as seriously.

Tonight is Tuesday Nite Track...check out the workout on my site listed to the right.


Anonymous said...

It is very cool to read how well your vibrams work for you. The fact that there is no turning back is still somewhat scary, but I will get used to it and then I will go for a vibram shopping excursion.