Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I heard about this book and training method from one of my running mates on the Tahoe-Reno Relay. After following this training method he's set some pretty impressive PRs in the marathon, has been injury free and feels really good. I've been noticing that I run faster when I run less, so I'm going to study up on this method and give it a whirl. I definitely feel more rested, stronger and more energetic when I don't run everyday.

Yesterday's track workout was 11 400's. I did them all in the 1:40's, which wasn't half bad. I'm aiming to get 'em down to at least the 1:30's. This morning I could feel them, but it wasn't bad. As I take the day off I can feel the training effect. I'll do some core and arm work later, but keep it mellow otherwise to recover completely.

Props to Catra for her 131 mile JMT adventure and good luck for the Headlands 100! There's a gal who THRIVES on mileage!