Friday, July 24, 2009

I have a case of the blahs and wanderlust. They seem to go together - no travel = blah.

I don't care if I go running or not. I'm not particularly interested. I guess I feel overall bored by just about everything.

I wish we could go on a vacation. The hubster and I actually have NEVER been on a real vacation together. That includes no honeymoon. Too poor and too busy working at the time for that. Sure we've done the family visit trip to AZ on Thanksgiving every year for years now, but that's not really a real vacation.

I'd just love to go camping even. Actually, I'd REALLY love to go camping. With the dawg. I want to get outside and hike with the kids and pooch and get dirty and run around. The area hikes are no longer satisfying my craving. I'm jones'in for some reall outdoorsy action!

I even fantasize about getting a job - like an outside rep for a running/outdoors sports company. I'd love to travel around and visit clients and work for a biz that I really dig. No more office jobs. I can't do it again.

I'd also love to be a ranger - but yes, those jobs are few and far between. And I have a BA in an unrelated field. Harumph.

I need to do a new thing now. Soon. And I'd love to move somewhere else. I've been here too long and no longer fit in around here. I'm open to change Universe....bring it on!

Anyone else feelin' this way?