Monday, November 17, 2008

Ditchin' Daycare

We chose this daycare because:

1. the facilities were beautiful, clean and safe.

2. the teachers were great

3. they served hot fresh lunch meals

4. the price was reasonable

We're leaving because:

1. I'm not working outside the home anymore (mostly this)

2. it's too darn far away

3. the administration is a bit harsh

The secretary at little N's daycare hates kids. She just can't hide it. We call her Ms. Sunshine. Why do people who hate kids work in schools and daycares? It's like why do people who can't manage become managers? The Peter Principle in action.

Ms. Sunshine scowls like the grim reaper and barks hello to every kid as they get to school in the mornings. If they don't say hello back she yells hello at them until they do. She's not happy to see them, so why does she bother to say hello?

Both Ms. Sunshine and The Director expect little kids to act like adults. This is my biggest complaint. But they are fiercely protective and watchful of the kids. So I've never been worried for either of my little tikes there and I've always felt that they were safe.

I called to give little N's required two-week notice. Ms. Sunshine was noticably surprised. Her voice jumped an octave and she nervously exchanged pleasantries with me. I'm sure that she's wondering why we're leaving and thinking the worst. It's just in her nature.

Ms. Sunshine amuses me in an ironic, dark way.

I wonder if Little N is going to miss her preschool and her friends, if she'll be sad. I'll sign her up for some classes and take her out to the parks and reading circles at the library and such. Hopefully we'll meet other kids. I also wonder if she'll miss some of her favorite teachers, heck I'll be kinda glum about not seeing them again.

Or maybe it'll be like the nummie. We thought it was going to be a battle royal to get her to kick the habit but it only took one evening. I'm hoping for a smooth transition.


Went for a nice 3 miler in the sunshine this morning and then did a crossfit workout. I was too lazy to change the weight on the bar from when the hubby worked out. It was 10 lbs heavier than what I've been dealing with. So now I've upped the squats, thrusts and pushes by 10lbs. Go me.


Sunshine Girl said...

Hi honey!

Sorry we missed you, it looks like you've got lots of change going on. Those folks at PC Trails know how to put on a great event, Keith and I had a great time! There's no doubt I'll be back for another event down the road, maybe Diablo again? Be well!!


Marcy said...

I hope she take is well ;-) I think she will!