Thursday, November 06, 2008

Good Outcomes

Well, my guy won and I am happy. I hope if your guy didn't win that you're not too upset. It's going to be okay, really it is. I'm confident that this positive change will improve our standing in the world. As my mother, an emigrant, said, "This isn't the country that I fought so hard to come to." I'm looking forward to more diplomacy, less bombs. More thinking, less knee-jerk reactions. More oversight over institutions that need it. More work on infrastructure, education and health care. We need to clean up our own house. I'll pick up a broom and start, wanna help?


On the workout front -

I'm now following CrossFit and CrossFit Endurance. Yesterday I did both WODs. They are ass-kickin' but fun. Today is a rest day for Endurance, and I'll do the main WOD for CrossFit in a little while. It is -

Five rounds for max reps of:Body weight bench press & Pull-ups

I've been doing a lot of pull ups lately on these WODs. They are getting easier everyday plus I'm getting some pretty nifty definition in my arms. I like these short and explosive workouts. I'm done quickly and I'm seeing and feeling results quickly. It probably has something to do with my muscle make-up (I do think I have more fast-twitch fibers). I've also cut down on my sugar intake. That has made a dramatic difference in my appearance. I look much more cut. When I really paid attention to the garbage carbs that I was taking in and cut them way down I immediately lost five pounds. I'm adhering to more of a paleolithic style diet now, which isn't that tough because I love veggies and meat more than breads and sweets.

This is all an experiment of course (an experiment of one). We'll see how I react to it. I'm supposed to get my cholesterol checked soon. I'm very interested in how the "Caveman Diet" will effect my levels. From all of the research that I've read it should have a good effect on it. I'll report the results. I haven't had my cholesterol checked in years, I just remember that it was normal before. (Something like 170/53 I think. )


Backofpack said...

I'm with you! Give me a broom and let's get to work...

Marcy said...

You rock! It would be sooooo hard for me to follow the Caveman Diet (I've heard good things about it as well) Love me some breads *sigh*