Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Time...and Large Cats

It's already 12:30pm and I've hardly accomplished a thing. I've updated my resume and added a few samples to it for easy sending and more visibility, so that's something at least. And I have sent out a few to some job prospects. But it's nothing that I can see or hold in my hand. And probably nothing will come of it but sadly I must keep at it or give up entirely. It such a dismal, time consuming process.


Another large cat sighting in the area. This one is amazing. I Google mapped the intersection where said kitty was spotted crossing the street and leaping into a suburban yard. It is a quite well manicured area and not at all wild. Why don't I ever get to see anything like this? I'd probably pee my run shorts...but still it'd be worth it if I wasn't eaten.

Workout today - will be yesterday's CrossFit and CrossFit Endurance workout. Yeehaw.


angie's pink fuzzy said...

oh i'm TERRIFIED of mountain lions!!!

CoyoteGirl said...

I'm terrified/fascinated. They are just so gorgeous.

Marcy said...

Ummmmmm yeah after I saw some Nat Geo (or whatever Sci channel thingy) show on a couple (actually the man had his head ripped open and the wife was alright) who was pounced on by a Mountain Lion I would be TERRIFIED!! I never knew they could be so vicious?!?