Thursday, November 13, 2008

Go With the Flow

Words to live by.
I've been trying to force things into happening lately. We'd do well with my income...if I had one. But maybe that's NOT what I'm really supposed to be doing right now. The job hunt not only is exasperating and apparently futile...but it FEELS that it's that way for a reason. It's not meant to be. I ignored my intuition when I took that last crappy job from which I was laid off. Now when I search for jobs and send out resumes it just leaves me feeling more stressed than if I hadn't done anything at all. My intuition is banging me over the head with a hammer. Maybe I should listen this time?

It's not meant to be. Something ELSE is supposed to happen. I'm supposed to be doing something else. So I'm not going to continue doing what I think I should be doing. I'm going to to do what I'm lead to do. Again, that intuition thing that I've been too afraid to follow.

Ah fear...there's my old enemy again. Ignore fear and follow intuition. Easy to say, not so easy to follow through with.

This means taking little N out of daycare/preschool. That will free up a HEFTY amount of money that we've been paying to keep our spot there for when I got another job. We can use that money for so many other things. And I'm so tired of driving her there. Little N will be able to take some dance or art classes instead for a mere pittance in comparison to the cost of preschool. I miss her during the day anyway, it'll be nice to have her around.

Then I can shift my workouts back to early morning before everyone wakes up. A guarranteed way to get them done! And a way to get some valuable quiet me time.


Marcy said...

Oy, I can't even imagine the cost of daycare. That stuff is NOT cheap.