Tuesday, November 04, 2008


obama - biden graphics

So now you know how I voted. Voted weeks ago by absentee. It's the only way to fly, seriously because I live in Murphy's Law Land. If I were voting today both my kids would have food poisoning and the roof would cave in on the polling place. I highly recommend voting absentee so that you can sit in the comfort of your own home, have a nice relaxing drink and figure out all of those damn propositions in private.

I can't believe that it's almost over. I'll probably be up all night watching election night coverage. Yes, I was a polisci major in college.


The creepy little kid, my three year old, pitched the biggest fit this morning on the way to preschool (see what would have been happening if I had been going to the polling booth!). It was all about the lack of snacks in the car. I knew it was bad because both shoes and socks were yanked and thrown. Somehow this is a punishment or an indictment on me, whatever it means...it's BAD. I ended up having to leave her at preschool screaming at me barefoot in a hallway. I was shooed out by the teachers and directors who know (as I do too) that as soon as the parent is out of sight the kid calms down. It's tough, but they're right. She's such a bullheaded little thing. I'm hoping that she channels that righteous indignation to effective study methods for med school and effective training for the 2020 Olympics. It's possible.

Tonight is track night. 8 x 400m. I love 400 meter repeats. Really. It's like the perfect distance. And at some time today I'll do the CrossFit WOD. Maybe at the track. I know you're supposed to do them separately but who has the time???


Marcy said...

I like the look of your blog!

Good night, eh? ;-)

CoyoteGirl said...

Hi Marcy!

Very good night indeed!

Thanks for the kudos on my blog. I really needed to gussy it up. I lurve, lurve, lurve fall colors and such. Nala the cat gets to take center stage with her pumpkin staring contest. I'll kick up the design here and there way more often from now on.